From the Founder's Desk

Great personalities have contributed in building Maharashtra as a leading State in India.

The real tribute for them is to support and continue the good work done by these great personalities. One of the most important reason for Maharashtra State to be number one state in the country is the very old tradition of education in Maharashtra.

There are many known & many unknown personalities in Maharashtra who are striving hard to educate the children of farmers and place them high in the society.

I am very happy that I got an opportunity to be one of them. I established the Trust and Society “National Centre for Rural Development” with the help of my friends, with main objective to work in the field of education. When we started working we realized that very hard efforts are required to be put in for achieving the goals. My all young friends worked with me, shoulder to shoulder, with utmost sincerity and commitment. All the top organizations which are working in the field were the guide for us. We followed their footprints and also learnt from their mistakes.

One of the most important assets of India is the large manpower with it. It becomes our topmost priority and responsibility to develop this population into well educated, developed, self relying, and confident manpower by providing them the best education.

I am very happy to mention that with the cooperation from you all, NCRD is contributing in the field to the best of its capacity and capability, and will do so in future also, by undertaking many new programs. I am very glad to inform that NCRD’s Sterling Institute of Pharmacy shall leave no stone unturned in their commitment to educating the each student, not only in their career front but also with moral ethics.

The Sterling Institute of Pharmacy has established in 2004 within this short span of time it has developed excellent educational infrastructure and now entering in the higher plain of education by starting research activities and post graduate programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences in core subjects of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics & Pharmacognosy. It is hearting to note that the institute has excellent track record of placement for all outgoing batches in multinational and national pharmaceutical organization and also numbers of students pursuing higher studies Abroad and in India.

I wish that the year to come the college will equip to meet the future challenges. We will strive hard in our endeavour of ‘quality’ education to create a competent professional workforce required by the industries.


Dilip Walse Patil
Founder, Chairman, NCRD