Alumni Speaks

Alumni Speaks

Prashant Ghadge

Designation: Community Pharmacist

Hello myself Prashant Ghadge. I was part of NCRD and passed in 2009. It helped in personal and professional life. I worked as Medical Representative for almost three years, now working as a pharmacist in medical shop.

I am thankful to the college for providing this opportunity and being part of this institute.

Omkar Joshi

Designation: Enterpreneur

Hi I am Omkar Joshi. I have completed my D. Pharm from NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy in 2012 which helped in personal and professional life. Now I have my own medical shop and I am thankful to the college for providing me this opportunity.

Seema Baza

Designation: Community Pharmacist

Hello myself Seema Baza. I have completed my D. Pharm in academic year 2013. When I was part of this college I have got excellent teaching and lab facilities with very supportive and friendly environment.

Today I have got platform for teaching and work as pharmacist. For that I am thankful to college to make me small part of it.

Shreya Naik

Designation: B. PHARM

Hello I am Shreya Naik. I am an ex-student of NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy. I passed my course in 2012. I am presently pursuing my B. Pharm from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Pharmacy. Our college has excellent lab facilities and very good study environment.

The college has boosted my self-esteem for pursuing my studies further. I am giving a thought presently for my post graduation in pharmacy. I am very grateful to the college for giving me an opportunity to express my gratitude.

Veena Agre

Designation: M. PHARM

Hi myself Veena Vijay Agre. I am diploma student from this college 2009. During the course of diploma it set the platform to pursue the higher education. Due to homely environment and good facility provided by this college. I decided to take admission in same college.

Now I am doing my Master in Pharmacy from Oriental college. I am very thankful to college which improved my confidence level and I am feeling glad to represent NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy.

Nikhil Phadke

Designation: Sandoz production department

Hi I am Nikhil Phadke passout student of NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy. I was not at all serious about career till completion of D. Pharm. After joining Sandoz production department. Now I am realizing the important things learned during my education.

This opportunity of work in Sandoz was provided by my institute. So I am proud of it, in my life I will always remember 2 years of diploma in this institute.

Rajesh Chaudhary

Designation: Medical Representative

Hello I am Rajesh Chaudhary. I am student of NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy 2013. College plays important role in my life as it is stage of decision making. Today I am working as Medical Representative in company this is possible due to my supportive teacher.

Every year college conducts presentation which helped in to improve communication skills. I am very glad to be part of this college.

Nishant Hande

Designation: Product Executive

Hello everyone I am Nishant Hande. Presently working in Bayer India as a product Executive. I have done D. Pharm in 2007 from NCRD’s Institute of Pharmacy followed by graduation in 2010 from the same Institute, also pursued my Masters in Management studies from the same Institute. It was very wonderful experience for me with this Institute, Especially thanks to all of the academic staff who helped & appealed me & given me an opportunity to develop & gain in-depth knowledge in this field.

The college is well known as a highly rated Research Center where teaching staff is very supportive and willing to assist student in reaching out maximum potential.

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